Since 2008 Alessandro Bosetti has been developing an instrument and software called Mask Mirror.
During his live Mask Mirror performances he reorganizes speech according to musical and narrative criteria, using thema as two sides of the same phenomenon. The machine reminds of Gottfried Leibniz's and Blaise Pascal's early baroque and clumsy calculators, guided not by mathematical principles but rather it does mine the unfolding of language and its meaning, reassembling them into random sequences, built on different lenght blocks.


From single phonemes and incidental mouth noises, it gets to full lexical items and prosodic fragments.
Bosetti samples his own voice with the prerecorded and synthetized voices of the machine in a sort of electronic ventriloquism.
Esattamente qui/Here Exactly is an edited recording of a Mask Mirror live show.


Streaming live on Radio Papesse July 2nd, 4th, and 6th at 4pm. Thanks to Ariele Monti, Jonny Gardini, Enrico Malatesta and Area Sismica who supported, hosted and recorded Alessandro Bosetti's performance on April 21st, 2013.

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