Michael Eddy and Ilja Karilampi are both students at the Städelschule Frankfurt. Their sound piece Blue Monuments is part of Tobi Maier's Radio Epode radio program in the frame of Adam Budak's exhibition Principle Hope for Manifesta7 in Rovereto. 

Michael Eddy and Ilja Karilampi have developed a twelve minute radio piece that delve into some of the themes they have already explored in their radio show Latest Findings on Frankfurt Free Radio X.
Their show already included many performative and theatrical elements, along with the live hosting and disc-jockeying; however in this proposal they emphasize the piece as a composition. It is a narrative, incorporating both facts and fiction, with musical elements: an anthem for chess champion and failed Russian presidential candidate Garry Kasparov's political campaign, tentatively titled Blue Monuments.

Michael Eddy and Ilja Karilampi are interested in the relations between chess, politics and art that sound, and particularly the medium of radio, can convey and permit to bleed into one another. Distance is the leitmotif: the distance of ourselves from the geographical and political location; the distance of the context of the broadcast from the subject matter; the distance of participation and composition (in chess, in politics perhaps) that technologies like the internet allow.

Blue Monument's script is in Italian. 

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