Binary Oppositions is an album combining electronic music, sound art, experimental sounds from Birmingham, UK. This compilation is part of the project Binary Oppositions curated by Matt Price, which includes also a visual arts exhibition at  CITRIC Gallery in Brescia. The album was pulled in a special edition of only five hundred copies by the label Static Caravan.

Tracklist: Helena Gough - Elemental Absent - Wide Range Reader Magnétophone - Much Less Than a Day Shady Bard - Long Term Solutions to the Seagull Problem [in preascolto da questa pagina] Arcade - Chelmsley Wood Susan Dillane with Micronormous - The Uninvited Mole Broadcast - Green Peter The Young Baron - Musical Box Betty & The Id - Heath of Kings Seeland - Torch Micronormous - Sadhana Pram - City of Eels KateGoes - Heartbeat Mike in Mono - Almost Unreachable Modified Toy Orchestra - Little Bell (Broadcast) Grandmaster Gareth - Uncle Scary's Birthday Party Misty's Big Adventure - The Long Conveyor Belt Juneau/Projects/ - Haresoft dreams of Tall buildings - The Shortest Day The Decapitated Barbershop - TV Times Helena Gough - SNR


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