Aztecas y clavadistas

Süden Radio 2013


Mid August, San Miguel Apostle Parish, Gijón (Spain), on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. On the square, in front of the church, a group of local people were dancing and singing in an attempt to revitalize ancient Aztec traditions. Behind the church, a set of teenagers were having fun jumping into the sea, seven or eight metres below. Because of the tumult of the drums on one side, of the uproar of the waves on the other side, the neo Aztecs couldn't hear the kids, and the other way round. And yet…

José Bernard Corteggiani is a journalist, scriptwriter and film-director. He has a Master in French Literature at the Centre de Formation de Journalistes in Paris. He works for France Culture and since 2009 he's been running Radio Sures. From 2005 to 2009 he was press correspondent in Mexico and Bolivia. Since 1990 to 1997 he was cinema, theatre and television critic for Libération (daily), Télérama and Les Inrockuptibles (cultural weekly magazines); sub-editor for La Croix (daily) and Libération.

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