Pierre Garnier's sound poetry


Our collaboration with the Archivio del '900 at Mart - with which we celebrate the group show Performance. Corpo privato e corpo sociale [Casa d'Arte Futurista Depero, November 16th - May 7th 2017] - continues by delving into the Denza Fund and the Sound Poetry International Archive - a treasure, around forty magnetic reels - established by Sarenco between 1969 al 1971. 

Anthropologie by Pierre Garnier was recorded in 1965 and was featured into an anthology of sound experimentations curated by Franz Moon. Anthropologie refers to the primordial language, to seemingly meaningless sounds: repeated, differentiated, accelerated and slowed down sonorities in a total phonetic experiment that occupies new and more free expressive spaces.


Ilse e Pierre Garnier, Esquisses palatines, Éditions André Silvaire, Paris. Mart, Archivio del '900, Denza Fund.


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