...one of the things I was doing back there I was adding these orange lines to just empty billboards or where there are some posters; it's kind of a little bit of a guide for this walk, but also when I was trying at first to navigate the city, I was thinking of this circonference or a circle around it and it is probably one of the most impossible places to walk in any kind of circle, to deal with the grid. So it was just this idea of adding these lines to try and find your way around the circle and even now, we're about to hit a line of 20.000 people on via Garibaldi... [Graham Hudson, 2011]


Born in Sussex, UK in 1977, Graham Hudson is an artist based in London. Since 2002, Hudson has been creating sculptures and interventions, at once grand and fleeting, made out of everyday found materials, forms and pattern. To walk is how he decided to survey what his practice, as an artist, look into: transient architectures and forms.


Drawing a line on the map of Turin and trying to find a way throughout its past and its ephemeral present is what this soundwalk is all about; a three voices dialogue - accompanied him Luca Morino, musician and Fabrizio Diciotti, director of the Archological Group of Turin - around history and transience. Along the way - from the Quadrilatero Romano to Corso Regio Parco - Graham Hudson's evolving works will provide ?eeting landmarks that play between these concepts; his interest in non planned architectures and urban mismatchs will be the lens through which we will reinterpret the city. 


Moreover, a number of QR code stickers (as you may see above) are scattered along the trail between the Quadrilatero and the Diogene Tram so that people can access the audio file on-site from their own smartphones.


All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking is a soundwalk produced by Radio Papesse with the collaboration of Antonella Mallamaci; It is commissioned by Progetto Diogene, by invitation of Christian Frosi, Renato Leotta, Diego Perrone_Artissima LIDO.


Many thanks to Luca Morino, Fabrizio Diciotti and most of all, thanks to Graham Hudson and Progetto Diogene for their precious help and trust.


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