Aïe! Ouille! Radio hit!

Etienne Noiseau for Revolutionary Sound


Aïe! Ouille! Radio hit! is an ironic answer to Radio Papesse’s what-is-the-sound-of-revolution? call.

I was unable to answer to that question. The sound of revolution, is it one, one like the Big Day of the Revolution? Is it loud? Is it noisy? Is it muffled and smooth? Maybe voiceless? Nor I was able to seriously discuss the issue about the part of the radio into the revolution. Maybe I don’t believe in the Big Day but more in our silent personal little revolutions.
The archive I chose is a reportage in the street during the events of May 1968 in Paris. In the middle of the riot the reporter is suddenly hit by a projectile and the scene becomes comical. I preferred making a piece where the radio is hit by the revolution. That really happens.
[Etienne Noiseau]

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