Radia Show 923 | Voices in my head 

Floy Krouchi for radioart106fm


Electronics, voices and transformed field recordings.

"A dry landscape of rocky mountains, transforming slowly into a pure white desert. No water, no trees around, one floor's beduins habitations, campement for the goats, under the strinking sun. The road belong to the Power but the landscape belongs to the people, to the rocks, to the sand...We have left the flags in No Man's Land."

Floy Krouchi is a sound artist, composer and bass player from Paris, with mixed origins. She exclusively used her voice as the material for this piece, together with sounds recorded, generated and transformed in the so called Holy Land during various stays. The plurality of registers of the same voice, from melody to pure some objects or noises is used as a metaphor of the complexity of identity.


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