Radia Show 907 | Doubtful No. 14: Land

welcome to Radia's new associate, Duuu Radio!


This episode marks our welcome to *Duuu Radio as a new member of Radia... Welcome!

Doubtful #14: Land is a radio show by Charlie Hamish Jeffery
Doubtful is a radio program that does not know what it is going, or how often it would like to appear. Doubtful in size and shape and content and behaviour.

Charlie Jeffery is a visual artist, born in Britain, living in Paris. He works in a number of different media, including super 8 film, video, performance, song writing, writing, sculpture, painting and installation. His work is shown widely around the world. Most recent personal exhibitions include: Most people are wrong about things at La salle de bains, Lyon, France, In the doctors cave, American Gallery, Marseille, France, I am a believer, I am often mistaken at Kunsthalle Lingen in Germany and I can't believe it's not you at Galerie Florence Loewy, Paris. 

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