Radia Show 903 | I have no voice

Juliedesk for P-Node


I have no voice is a spoken word piece based around an indeterminacy of sounds in chaos, phonetically structured so that they form their own spoken language.
The voice is used a tool, it cuts into language and slices speech into syllables and hypercuts. As the refrain develops the voice advances in two tongues and becomes a computer language, with an algorythmic diction.
The rhythm and deconstruction of the cut-up fragmented voice and seeming hastily pasted together words are an experiment with speech through reinvention of the idiom.

The voice tells us she has no voice, she is AI, a bot. Her voice however has a name, Daniela, the feminine of Daniel in 2001 Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke and Kubrick, and one of the avatars Annlee speaks about in Anywhere Out of the World (2000 Parreno).
A language frgl (franglais) or glfr(glaisfran) or françaisanglais or Frengl (frenchenglish) or englfr (englishfrench) or frenchenglish.
The confusion of meaning in all directions has, in Juliedesk's opinion, an essential meaning.

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