Radia Show 861 | Change de FA(r)CE by Mathilde Lacroix for Radio Campus Bruxelles

for Radio Campus Bruxelles


"Stop/Play. Change frequencies, change your mind!

Aids of tails? What about playing this to change perceptions of the world? What about record outside, transform it and ear it more confortable from inside, with a new perception ? My baby would be very happy.

This is the secret of authentic fermentation, guaranteed since several generations!

We also have an other secret : We have a lot to do. In french, we say :
« We have a lot of bread to cook ».

Last thing before to really Stop/Play :

…………….« Listen…. » "


Mathilde Lacroix is based in Brussels. After learning translation and sound documentary, she’s studying electroacoustic music.
She’s exploring mental and physical soundscapes, alive or deserted, and try to open other perceptions to feel the world, and translate it with combinaison of poetical forms. She likes transformation, kneading and organical matter. She likes to decompose sounds, words, coincidences. Concret or abstract, with acoustic or virtual instruments, in the air or somewhere else, there is not permanent definition.

She collaborates with photograph Nathalie Hannecart and Aurélie Bay (Les terribles ténébres). They also worked with engraver Weronika Siupka around the topic of coal and steel industry. She has composed Miléna Trivier's movie «Le Murmure des lieux qui nous habitent » soundstrack. She often collaborates with Maxime Coton, exploring the place/space of poetry. Through project Living Pages, she's met painter Jamil Mehdaoui.

A work by Mathilde Lacroix
Sacral compositions: Camille Lacroix
With the voice of Franck Seng as youtuber carrying kneading.
With the complicity and actoring of Shakira & Beyoncé, and the support of Xiri Tara Noir in this long fermentation.
Thanks to Carine Demange to invite me in Radia, for her good listening and exchanges.

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