Radia Show 858 | Toxic Temple

Anna Lerchbaumer and Kilian Jörg for Ö1 Kunstradio


Depleted soil, over-asi: dic seas, polluted atmospheres.
People are haunted by what they have suppressed. They can no longer escape the toxic.


In their long-term art project “Toxic Temple”, Anna Lerchbaumer and Kilian Jörg, approach the beauty of oil streaks, the grandeur of techno scrap, the sublimeness of radioactivity and the tran: scen: dence of extinction.

Building on their previous research for their project “Toxic Temple”, the two artists explore acoustically and poetically the connections between spirituality and toxicity.


Toxic Temple by Anna Lerchbaumer and Kilian Jörg has been produced and disributed by Kunstradio

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