Radia Show 853 | FROM Z TO A

di Aymeric de Tapol


"For a theatre play I was invited to record what you are about to hear. It's a sequence shot in a slaughterhouse in Anderlecht in Brussels. This slaughterhouse is rented by a hundred small dealers, small animal breeders. 

Due to its geographical location, this slaughterhouse represents a real social and economic issue because it is situated on the edge of the city centre of Brussels. The whole neighbourhood benefits from it, as do the city's butchers.

We were guided by an anthropologist, whose job was commissioned by the municipality of Anderlecht in order to reflect on these questions because usually all this is done outside the city, even very far from the city .... What these sounds don't say is that the people who work there suffer from permanent psychological and physical disorders, nightmares related to death and blood." Aymeric de Tapol


Aymeric de Tapol is an electronic musician and sound-recordist, for film, documentary, radio, dance performance.
He lives in Brussels. He played in the past in the wall of noise band ZOHO and Le cable de Feu. He's part of the proto techno duo CANCELLLED, together with sound artist Yann leguay. His music has been release by different label: Vlek, Lexi disques, Tanuki, A.V.A, Tanzproceszand Knotwilg records. 


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