Radia Show 830 | Holy Mary Sinners Wave

by Edyta Jarząb for Radio Kapitał


Holy Mary Sinners Wave is a soundscape made by Edyta Jarząb with field recordings from the streets of Polish cities in protest and it's born from a close listening to technology and radio waves as a space of interference. Mixing fragments from performance based on the practice of microcasting, here pirating polish catholic Radio Maryja (Holy Mary) on its own frequency with transmission of poetry and sounds of politic, electric body.

Radio Kapital is a community radio based in Warsaw, Poland. It aims to create a space for independent expression, grassroots action,  social benefit and individual pleasure. It involves various collectives working at the intersection between music, culture and activism, cultural initiatives, clubs and publishing houses, as well as individuals, radio enthusiasts, sound engineers, creators and DJs. By sharing their skills and experience in various fields, they make radio in Warsaw. 

Radio Kapital is a new Radia guest: as members of the network, we hope to be fellows in radio soon!

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