Radia Show 828 | Make Some Domestic Noise

by Sarah Brown


!Make Some Domestic Noise! is a collective online performance created in the context of the Covid-19 lockdown. It can be described as an online domestic noise big band. As everyone was isolated at home, ∏ Node launched the Antivirus program in order to train people to join this online community with their own stream and sounds.

Being alone at home can be stressful, but it can also reveal the beauty of everyday noises.

On a weekly basis, people were invited by email to participate by playing with the noises of their domestic set-up and live stream the result. These separate audio fluxes were then mixed in real time and sent to the main output stream. This was enabled by the ∏ Node site structure, which provides a volume button for every active stream. The website also has an IRC chat through which participants can, and did, directly interact.


A video artist and performer, Sarah Brown has been exploring video media since 1996 via analogue and computer-based devices. She began her work in the free party scene where she initiated the search for a language that links images and sounds. She has collaborated with many artists and dance and theatre companies (Cie Vent de Sable, Fabienne Gotusso, Hey! La Cie) and since 2015, has been part of the radio collective ∏ Node for whom she conceives participatory sound performances and produces various programmes.


∏-node is an experimental platform for the development of a hybrid web/FM radio format. It wants to examine the future role and potential of radio in a time when everything is going digital.



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