Radia Show 791 | Abre Cadavre

by Vienna Radia Collective


The Vienna Radia Collective worked out the common transmission with online video sessions during the covid-19 closing and confronted with the common work in front of the monitors and the mirrored mutual reality made us think of the novel Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll. 


We used the Radia proven method of Cadavre Exquis to mirror and reflect our sonic ideas mutually.  Our program Abre Cadavre consists of small parts that went around in our collective and the last 30 seconds of each piece of the predecessor’s piece were the basis for the next one. Unconsciously a journey through a sonic magic land with sound, text and surprising transitions was created.


Contributions by Barbara Huber, Barbara Kaiser, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Karl Schönswetter and Peter Wetzelsberger.
Thanks to Alex, Feli, Martina, Susanne and Susi for their voices. 

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