Radia Show 740 | How can the cat be both dead and alive?

By Magdalena Le Prévost for Radio Panik


How can the cat be both dead and alive?
A sound test in noncompliance.

Just like in Schrödinger’s cat case, we’re here confronted to a situation of quantum entanglement, a physical phenomenon whereby the quantum state of each pairs or groups of particles cannot be described independently from the state of the others. To the colonizer, the colonized is noise, creating an interference against the legitimate signal.


When a community radio choses to broadcast the voices of the colonized, we hear the noise entangled to them.


It’s all about quantum superpositions of states and their decoherence. It’s all about the shown and the hidden, the audible and the noisy. Street backgrounds and side-effects become first and central. Dichotomies, dualities and their reflects in broken sonic mirors ripple in a droste effect of community radio recorded in its making. The radio in the radio. 

How can homeless people be both dead and alive? Here’s the impossible answer. With street-fed audio formulas, (no)home-made antipsychiatric remedies discovered through loud crash tests in counter-science in denial, invisibilisation and erasure of indigenous voices and bodies, as well as those of other landless and homeless people.

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