Radia Show 707 | Tuning the World

By Philippe Renoult for Campus Paris


Tuning the World is a series of active field recording transmissions that began over the Summer 2018 during a residency at Wave Farm (Acra NY), and continued in the mountainous Telemark region of Norway. 


Philippe Renoult's intention is to create an open air dialogue between soundscapes and drones music practices. For this he plays a shruti box, an entirely organic drone generator usually used by Indians raga musicians. 


It is no secret that Tuning the World alludes to R Murray Schafer’s essay The Tuning of the World and his concept of wilderness
. In this edition you can hear swifts swooping around a cemetery in Norway, a motorcycle engine at the bottom of a valley, distant traffic on an American road, the lapping of the waves on a mountain lake, the wildlife of New York state combined with the natural resonances of the Wave Farm Study Centre... and of course the shruti box tuning and retuning to it's immediate environment. 


This 'New York to Telemark edition' of Tuning the World is dedicated to Pauline Oliveros.
Wave Farm is close to where she used to live and there is one particularly resonant tree on a wooded part of the property that she played where he too chose to begin, and listen.


Environmental recordings: Dinah Bird 

Sounds, shruti box, edit, mix: Jean-Philippe Renoult 

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