Radia Show 665 | Screaming Tower

Music for vertical structures by Carlos Santos & Nuno Torres (stress.fm)


Screaming Tower is a sound project by Carlos Santos - electronics, field recordings - and Nuno Torres, alto saxophone. Mixed and mastered by Carlos Santos.


Screaming Tower is a site-specific audio performance based on the flux of water delivery public system, and uses electronics, alto saxophone and field recordings diffused by a set of mobile loudspeakers. 


The performance took place in the last level of a resonant water tower, about 40 meters high, located in Barreiro city, Portugal, in June 2017, as part of a performance event commemorating 80 years of public water delivery.


The architectural space is the motor for the development of the piece. Each of the generating sound elements: electronics, field recordings, saxophone, contribute as all for the displacement of sound in the resonant circular dome of the water tower. The usage of low and high pitch sound material, small percussive elements found in field recordings or played by the saxophone, were distributed by realtime mixing process of carefully placed speakers, so that space could vibrate revealing its hidden “music”, as the last character in this broader sound spectrum process.





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