Radia Show 664 | Avant moi (Before me)


Avant moi (Before me) is a play for kids performend last October 2017 by the Rachel Mademoizelle theatre company.


It's about the origin of life, the creation of the planets, about life on earth and evolution (in the Darwin way) until our birth. Inspired by the homonymous childbook by drawer Emmanuelle Houssais, Avant moi is a tiny tale for 3 - 6 year old kids. AnnaÔck Domergue did the script and played, Henri Landrè made the sound, played live each time, with parts of improvisation and accident (as life).

This is a radiophonic version of the play without any words (except the introduction), just trying to make sense about the evolution with sounds only. Contains samples by Pierre Henry, David Hykes, Rafael Toral & Chris Watson. Introducing Misha Landrè Domergue.

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