Radia Show 662 | Architecture and Time


Architecture and Time is presented by Skopje based Kanal 103.


Artists interested in field recording and related musical practices have been invited to the five day workshop Architecture and time in Stari Grad on Hvar, in Croatia. The workshop was run by German musician and artist Schneider TM and it took place into a music school at Biankini Palace – Stari Grad Museum. Over a period of five days, the participants explored the two parameters of architecture and time with the aim to translate them into music /soundscapes / audio pieces. Both topics were reflected in sound.


One aspect is the architecture of the city itself and the other is the architecture of sound structures, whether it is a soundscape, sound art or a song. The aspect of time can be taken as history of the city, but also as linear sound produced by the use of architecture like reverb / resonance or by playing with the material structures of found architectures.The final works were presented in a live session in the museum´s garden. This is a short presentation of that presentation.

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