Radia Show 633 | The Last Shall be First


This week Radia Show is brought to us by Tel Aviv based KolHacampus 106fm. It is a production by Meira Asher and Eran Sachs [aka Zax] and it has been recorded in Haifa at the Plaster bar.

In memory of Bobby Sands (1954-1981).

2017. Asher-Zax direct their machines at the occupation.
69 years of Israeli state occupation of Palestine.
Recorded Live at the Plaster in Haifa, 6th May 2017
3rd week of the Palestinian prisoners hunger strike.


Texts by Frantz Fanon from Wretched of the Earth.

Meira Asher – Electronics Voice
Eran Sachs – Electronics
Ben Riftin – Sound

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