Radia Show 620 | Put.Use.When.Can


From the buzzing frequencies of Radio Campus Paris, here comes a very cracking and vibrating radio art piece produced by sound artist DinahBird in collaboration with Julia Drouhin and Ocean Viva Silver for this week Radia show.

In her words, here is the genesis of the show:
"It is a cold and rainy December evening in Paris and we’re sitting in the studio at Radio Campus Paris, just round the corner from the Place des Vosges.The French radio artist Julia Drouhin is over from Tasmania.  We have just finished recording our monthly F-Air Play session, where the artist and composer Ocean Viva Silver set us some sticky questions and we replied as best we could with a selection of field recordings, a thumb piano, voices, a small record player and a melodica. We have 45 minutes left in the studio before the next programme, so we decide to leave the microphones open and to play along to the creaks and squeaks of the studio chair and the friendly buzz of the mixing desk. Never waste a good opportunity we say to ourselves, Put.Use.When.Can. "


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