Radia Show 499 | Fukushima


This week Radia Show introduces us to Dominique Balay's open sound and collaborative project in support to the japaneses after the nuclear catastrophe.

Meanwhile in Fukushima is a library of "open sounds" collected during his trip to Japan, as well as his proposal to invite artists respond to this material in the form of sound.


More info can be found at the website fukushima-open-sounds.net, but thanks to this Radia Show we can already listen to some selected tracks from the project.



Koji Nagahata, field-recording, fukushimas station

Philippe Petit, Daiichi Melts Down

Cristian Vogel, CandleSong


Yasuaki Shimizu, Sense-and-Nonsense

Koji Nagahata, field recording, hanamiyama top


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