Radia Show 494 | AstroForestry


AstroForestry, this weekly Radia show comes from Radio Campus in Paris, and it is produced by Antoine Bertin.


For eighteen months Bertin has spent a lot of his time in forests wondering about the connections between forest and city. Here is how he describes the experience in his own words:


Perhaps having been raised in the urban environment, I have found it very difficult to even find where to start my artistic exploration of forests. The stories on audio tapes about forests I had been endlessly listening to, as a child, seemed completely out of date, and perhaps even out of place. I had to carve my own audio path through the woods.

For the past 18 months I have spent a lot of my time in forests looking into the connections between forest and the universe. When walking in a forest at night, you see stars more than trees and trees more than your own feet. The body of work I have been developing throughout the Embedded Residency program with Sound and Music and Forestry Commission England consists of trying to invent new connections between us and the forest, of elaborating situations and fiction over distance and audio communication devices.

Other branches of the body of work will include a sound recording of a peri-urban area from the perspective of a fox (made using a home-made GPS collar), an object resulting of the hybridisation of a radiotelescope and a fox ear, a collection of conversations with rangers from the Forestry Commission and astrobiologists about life, time and space!




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