Radia Show 415 | Was ist Radio?


What is Radio?  That's the title of this week Radia show and that's the question that propelled artists Maria Herold and Özge Dayan Mair to produce this documentary. Here is how they describe it:

"To find answers to this question we immersed ourselves deeply in the world of radio – poetic spoken atmosphere together with a cacophony of thoughts about historical moments in radio-periods were the result. In nearly every person’s life radio plays a major role. But what radio is to the individual mostly differs from what it is for the masses. We guide you with surrounding sounds, voices, words, languages, music and silence through the fascinating and diverse world of radio. You just have to listen."

Thanks to the users from freesounds.org, Tobias Dankl for sound sceneries and the accordion player from Karlsplatz.

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