Radia Show 412 | Fresh air


This week Radia Show is brought to us by the people at Curious Broadcast.

This Fresh Air is a large-scale sound art piece curated and created by the Dublin Laptop Orchestra.

The piece was written to address the sad truth that many common, household and automobile air-fresheners are heavily carcinogenic. The fact that people are willing to put their lives in danger in order to preserve nothing more than the aesthetic qualities of their world typifies the form over function attitude prevalent in our society and is something which we felt was important to deal with.

The work is in three sections:

1) Breathe In(side) by Brian Dillon

2) Form by Gregory Jackson

3) A Comparison of Worth by Bernhardt McKenna.

Please note that this show contains some explicit language from Bill Hicks' stand-up comedy show Revelations (1993)


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