Radia Show 411 | On the path of a word

each week new and forgotten ways of making radio


This week Radia Show is brought to us by Kanal 103 and it is produced by Léa Promaja.

The draft is not a draft in the Balkans. This sound is a search, a search made as a draft, a draft running from language to language, from country to country, slapping doors, searching answers in the waves or within the scientific community. Collective and multi-language, a sound experiment by sound-artist Léa Promaja.

Thanks to Nathalie Coranti, Terence Theureau, Bernard de Vienne, Charles Aimard, Gordana de Cetinje, AlF., Kujtime Presheva, and Dr. Lazo Pekevski, Seismological Observatory in Skopje, Macedonia, Dr. Gianfranco Magni, Italian space agency.

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