Radia Show 388 | Nature meets technology


This week Radia show has been produced by Toni Dimitrov for Skopje's Kanal 103 and it is the fruit of an estrangement form the urban chaos, of a rediscovery of the sounds form nature.

Twelve artists put themself, together with a ton of equipement, into a van and get on the trip on the mountain village Lazaropole at 1300 masl. They occupied a old village house, set the equipement and started workling on various fields of art, focusing on the sound. The sound of nature. They went there because they were isolated from the rush and noise of the city and the chaos of the urban life. Because they love soundscape and field recordings. They love to make music and perform together. Because in Lazaropole they were immersed in an inexhaustible source of sounds. Because the village is surrounded with breathtaking places. Because they love nature! What you'll listen is the result of that stay.

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