Radia Show 365 | 20 years of freedom


This week radia show is brought to us by the folks at Kanal 103 celebrating 20 years of broadcast, 20 years of freedom!

Kanal 103 is an important (terrestrial) radio station that determined the underground scene and the open mindedness in Skopje and beyond. Kanal 103 is the only non-commercial radio station in Macedonia with cult following among the audience. Transmitting since 1991, it's promoting avant-garde music and ideas, and is responsible for the most important cultural transformations in the region. During its existence there were produced lots of jingles, radio pieces and short radio dramas with strong ideological and anti-state edge. In this honor we produced this audio collage as a homage to this past 20 years of independence, surfing through the history of the audio production. Kanal 103 - 20 years of freedom!

The listener would recognise the programme because nobody else in Skopje plays music from Frank Zappa to post-rock and from Kraftwerk to modern techno. prof. Rajko Murši? (University of Ljubljana)

I think the radio station is one of my favouite places in the world, like a small satellite floating in space, beaming out joy from cold labyrinths of madness. Daniel Potter (The White Funz)

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