Radia Show 359 | Radio Readings


free103point9’s contribution to the Radia network comes from a fundraiser for its FM station, WGXC, last summer, with Radio Readings from Max Goldfarb and Brian Dewan, Alison Knowles and Hugh Dancy.

The readings, in order of appearance.

Artists: Max Goldfarb and Brian Dewan produced this reading of Velimir Khlebnikov’s The Radio of the Future (1921) in 2011. A canonical text, Radio of the Future may be the first real conceptualization of transmission art.


Alison Knowles is a visual artist known for her soundworks, installations, performances, and books. She was a founding member of Fluxus, and recently she offered her iconic performance The Identical Lunch to museum visitors as part of the Museum of Modern Art's Performance Exhibition Series. On the occasion of a summer garden party benefit for free103point9's FM radio station (WGXC) Alison Knowles performed one of her Bean Turners constructed from beans and paper.

The same summer garden party, acclaimed film and stage actor Hugh Dancy performed F.T. Marinetti and Pino Masnata’s La Radia (1933) a visionary text that reveals the authors' proclivity for Fascism. La Radia asserts what The Radio Must Not Be, what The Radio Abolishes, and what The Radio Will Be.



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