Radia Show 353 | Suono Fuga


This week Radia Show was produced by writer and sound artist Annie Dunsford and it was created during a residency program promoted by CFRC.


What is the relationship between identity and sound?? In sound, can we discover/ invent/ lose our selves? ?How does art make us feel when we experience it and create it? - does it disassociate us from ourselves, does it localize us, does it allow us to recover/rediscover our selves? Do we feel nothing? Do we feel alienated from the art itself?? Is experiencing art and sound an experience of alienation or discovery?? After the experience of art, are we unchanged?


The intention of Suono Fuga is to both alienate the listener from themselves and from the sound, then return them to it. The sonic adventure is thus an adventure of departure and a return, a loss of self and a rediscovery of self through sound.

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