Radia Show 343 | Cabaret of complexity


This week Radia Show comes from Portugal, from the frequencies of Radio Zero and it was produced/composed by Peter Principle.

Cabaret of Complexity is a performance for 2 radio stations, six cars, one composer, and an inumerable number of musicians.

On 21st October 2011, radio met cars, met musicians in the garage below Maus Habitos, Future Places Festival HQ in Porto, Portugal. 
Two radio statios, Radio Futura 102.1 MHz and Radio Manobras 91.5MHz provided their frequencies to carry music and chaos into six audio tunned automobiles from the portuguese xtremetuning.org community. Peter Principle composed a loose composition, grouping cars, musicians on frequency, garage sounds and more musicias. The complex setup worked into two floors of music, performance and radio, where out of sigth musicians where channeled into these powerful, personalized, sound system on wheels.

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