Radia Show 317 | Alarmist plot


This Radia show comes form the belgian studios of Radio Panik, it was produced by Maxime Blanpain and mixed by Yann Leguay.

Here is how Blanpain introduced the work in 2011:

"Some people say there are only 609 days left for human kind (according to the Maya calendar). Others pretend the Last Judgment is ongoing. Then that is little time to read again Mathew (24-25) or the Book of Revelations.
This work started with the will to use the words of a preacher I recorded few years ago in Basel (CH).
Not that i wanted to discuss the relevance/rightness of an apocalyptic preach, but something in that speech had to be pursued. That led me to associate the vehemence of the first part with a second one more breathing and rather speechless. Now, that breath of air could either sketch an interpretation of the Noah's journey on his ark (mentioned by the preacher), or be a response to the alarmists passion, or be a free space of no-response needed."
[Maxime Blanpain]

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