A year of NOISE listenings in 30 minutes


The project aims to de-structure and to re-read the harsh noise and HNW sounds being emerged between the 90's and 2000's. Rust presents a mix of tracks in which the noise features or those inspired by noise music are muffled and shuffled with club rhythms, sometimes combined with dark ambient, techno, hardcore, bass music; off and on with concrete music and field recordings.


Rust is a panoramic journey throughout the last twenty years of noise, following its morphosis into more mainstream music. It is a cultural exploration of a genre towards less violent and rough shores. The selected tracks are produced by emerging artists and most of them have been recently released. 


The 6th mix of the series sums up a year of listenings in 30 minutes. Pietro Michi tries to give a wide overview on noise music and - as in every previous episode - ranges from avant-garde to historical clichés, from ambient to rythmic noise, from complete static to absolute dynamism. Here is the tracklist:


Impure Secretion - ACT I
Wooden Corpses - The Blinding Light
Appropriate Savagery - Self Esteem, Deconstruction Of A Concept (Part I-III)
Bob Ghengis Khan - Slp Paralysis / Con. Arousals
Peaceful Sims - O2
Brg - Rite 
Xtematic - In all beauty of penetrating thorns
Dendera Bloodbath - Ascaris lumbricoides
52-Hearts Whale - ᓴᓐᓇ 
Total Mom - Child.jpg 
FossaDelRumore - Libellula
Sutsūrukēki  スツールケーキ - Shit Cake 10
Panacef Mishima - Underwater Punk
Haunted - Haunted
Noise Nomads - 02
Servadio + Years of Denial - Body of Reverbs


ph. Drink Alone© - Junku Nishimura
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