Voyage into the metamorphosis of Noise music


The project aims to de-structure and to re-read the harsh noise and HNW sounds being emerged between the 90's and 2000's. Rust presents a mix of tracks in which the noise features or those inspired by noise music are muffled and shuffled with club rhythms, sometimes combined with dark ambient, techno, hardcore, bass music; off and on with concrete music and field recordings.


Rust is a panoramic journey throughout the last twenty years of noise, following its morphosis into more mainstream music. It is a cultural exploration of a genre towards less violent and rough shores. The selected tracks are produced by emerging artists and most of them have been recently released. 

Rust #3  offers a bird view of one of the most extreme sub-genres of Noise music, the Harsh Noise Wall. This mix approaches HNW in a radiophonic way as a showcase of different artists' works. Instead of a thirty-minutes-long static track - as HNW would demand - this mix presents a mix of differents pieces.

Here is the tracklist:


01 - Bruising Pattern + Light Collapse -  Part Three (2017)
02 - SP - Untitled 2 (2017) 
03 - I Corpi Presentano Tracce di Violenza Carnale - Trapianto di cervello (2017) 
04 - Le Bambole Di Velluto - Lacrima 1 (2015) 
05 - Mademoiselle Bistouri & FossaDelRumore - Metallo (2017) 
06 - Pain Jerk - In Die Glutenkiste (1995) 
07 - No-Joy -Track 3 (2016) 
08 - Harsh Noise Movement - Sub Stance (2017) 
09 - Momir - The Best HNW Ever Known To A Man (2017) 
10 - RRR - Resistence Is Hell On Earth (2017) 
11 - SKAG ARCADEGangbang (2016) 
12 - Sissisters - I Want to Tell You (2012) 
13 - Veil of Nature - When Flesh Becomes Ash (2017) 
14 - The Rita - Righting Wrongs Through Penetration (1998)

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