sound-human-space | a playlist curated by MU


Here is a trip into contemporary sonic research, an introduction to Marea, a sonic festival produced and organzed by MU in Ravenna, Italy.


Focusing on the relationship sound-human-space, Marea occupies the area of Ravenna harbour: it uses its history, its acoustics and social history and the role the port plays into the collective and individual perception of the space in order to create an immaterial network between the harbour-world and the city residents.


The playlist produced for Radio Papesse introduces the artists MU invited to take part to Marea, all sound-craftsmen able to use sound research to actively occupy and investigate the surrounding space.


Enjoy the listening!



Claudio Rocchetti – Variatio 13 da Goldberg Variations (Kohlhaas, 2017)

Bellows – Untitled #5 da Strand (Shelter Press, 2017)

Valerio Tricoli – In Your Ruins My Shelter da Miseri Lares (Pan, 2014)

Davide Tidoni – A Balloon For My Spine da AA.VV. – Music Made with Balloon and/or Needle (Balloon & Needle, 2014)

Carlos Casas – Triune God (estratto) da Pyramid of Skulls (Discrepant, 2017)

VA AA LR – Newhaven (estratto) da Newhaven (Organized Music From Thessaloniki, 2014)

Massimo Carozzi – N 40° 43’ 20.413” W 73° 59’ 34.24” da Punti Sulla Curva I (Second Sleep, 2015)

Janneke van der Putten – Workshop Voice and Space in Strasbourg (estratto) (registrato da Agathe Siffert, 28/3/2018)


MU is an independent association dedicated to sound research and spatial investigations.

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