Every Italo Sunday Mixtape

A mixtape by Carlo Simula


If you did enjoy the first only vinyl set back in November 2011, you might be thrilled - as we are - to finally listen to the second Carlo Simula's precious collection of nowhere to be found vinyls.

A classic italo-disco vinyl-only mixtape featuring some obscurities, created exclusively for Radio Papesse, being streamed next sunday, February 12, at 7.00 pm and same time on Friday 17.
You you miss them, the mixtape will be available here for the listening from next week onward. More to be listened at soundcloud.

Carlo Simula is a great viyl collector, journalist, blogger, vinyl-only dj and producer. He has written for several magazines and is now columnist for RARO! and he is main contributor of the blog Overfitting Disco, one of the most influencial blog all about music with a steady Disco beat. For the sake of clarity about disco music, this might be your landmark website.

Here it is Carlo Simula's Every Italo Sunday Mixtape:

Italian Stars - Pick Up (7" version) Delta 1982
Advance - Take me to the top (instrumental) X-Energy 1982
Surprise - Fantasy (instrumental) Duck 1985
Touchè - Wrap it up - Full Time 1982
Stephany - Shame (7" instrumental) - Zig Zag 1984
Paul Paul - Good Times (vocal) - Discomagic 1983
Miko Mission - Two for love (instrumental) - Blow Up 1985
Lara Orfei - Se mi rompi non ci sto (instrumental) - LGO 198?
Manhattan Project - Guinnessman - City Records 1986
Videogames - Pedala Pedala - Diskokkio 198?
Diego - Walk in the night (VK version) - Memory Records 1983
Patty Johnson - I'm in love (Europe Version) - Good Vibes 1985
Crazy Gang - Every Sunday (LP version) - Bubble 1983
Image - Hot stuff (Spasmo 7" instrumental) - Memory Records 1984
Biddu Orchestra - Dance of Shiva - Bellaphon 1985


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