Dancing at the rythm of the italo disco

A vynil sets by Carlo Simula


Leaving the rarefied tones of the Alpin Folks' ascents behind, Radio Papesse is back with a brand new terrific series of vynil sets. As much as never alien to those minimal notes, the must listened sessions of italo disco selected by Carlo Simula are hosted on Radio Papesse starting November, 11th at 9PM.

Not a new face to us and our early listeners, Carlo Simula is a great viyl collector, journalist, blogger, vinyl-only dj and producer. He has written for several magazines and is now columnist for RARO! and he is main contributor of the blog Overfitting Disco, one of the most influencial blog all about music with a steady Disco beat. For the sake of clarity about disco music, this might be your landmark website. 

If you are interested in a philological and accurate research, in order to rediscover rare tracks that never made it into the charts, music produced from late '70 to late '80 in France, Italy, Southamerica, India, Scandinavia, if you are sick and tired of super fast BPM, you can return to DISCO, italo disco, space and eurodisco. If so, your place is here, with Carlo Simula, @ radio papesse for Fluttering from the italo tree.

_Bandeaux - Black & White (Club Mix) - Polydor 1985
_Atrium - Funny Dancer (Re-mixed) - Time 1984
_Private Garage - Social Climber (instrumental) - Sensation 1984
_Brian Martin - Sex Tonight (instrumental) - American Disco 1984
_Deborah Kinley - Surprise - Atlantide Music 1984
_Hovoyds - I don't want to talk about it (Dub version) - Crash 1983
_Riccardo Cioni - Fog - Master Dee Jay 1984
_Bent Boys - Walk the night - Black Sun 1984
_Mac Jr. - Elephant Song (instrumental) - Discomagic 1984
_Visions - Everybody (Remix) (second version) - RAM 1986
_Fancy - Play me the Bolero - Metronome 1985
_Extra T's - I like it (Corn Flakes) (Club Version) - Sunnyview 1983
_Swan - Don't talk about it - Plexy Glass 1986
_The Crazy Gang - Telephone Computer- Bubble 1983
_Bizzy & Co. -Take a chance (with Bizzy) - Deejay 1982
_Thanya - Freedom (instrumental) - Il Discotto Productions 1982
_International Music System - Nonline - Emergency Records 1983
_Tony Monn Concept - Who built the pyramids part 2 (7" version) - Polydor 1982

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