Luz Maria Sanchez | Los Sonidos de la Ausencia

Talk at Interference • Liminaria Festival, July 2022


In this conversation, Liminaria's curator Leandro Pisano introduces the work of Luz María Sánchez, a Mexican artist and scholar who lives and works between Bergen and Barcelona.

In her work, she produces compositions and sound installations that trace counter-hegemonic narratives with respect to elements omitted or erased in narratives of power. Among the themes addressed by her works are the violence and silent deaths at the US-Mexico border and the reading of the gendered and racial nature of statistics as facts of a denounced truth.

The issues her practice explores are hard-hitting: innocent civilians caught in the line of fire, deaths while crossing borders, forced disappearances, militarisation of public space, silence as a survival strategy and other acts of violence experienced by people whose daily life is affected by narco brutality.

In this sense, Luz María Sánchez uses sound to convey narratives, violence and emotions that words cannot express on their own.


This talk was recorded on July 29th, 2022, at the Giardini del Palazzo Ducale in San Martino Valle Caudina, during Interferenze - Liminaria Festival. 

From HERE you can access Luz María Sánchez's portfolio
HERE you can find some texts the artist is quoting in her talk. 

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