Arte senza precedenti

About outsider art today


In 1947 Jean Dubuffet created the term Art Brut in order to identify the artistic creations of marginalized and mentally hill artists.

In 2008 on the occasion of Artelibro Bologna, thirty years after the seminal Basaglia Bill which reformed the asylums in Italy and started a revolution in psychiatric protocols all over the world, it was presented Acrobazie#4, a project curated by Elisa Fusco devoted to put in communication young italian artists with the patients of the psychiatric facility Fatebenefratelli of San Colombano al Lambro.

The presenting panel was formed by Catterina Seia [art manager at Unicredit & Art, project main sponsor], Giovanni Foresti [psychiatrist and analyst], Bianca Tosatti [art critic] and Stefano Ferrari [psychologist and professor at DAMS University of Bologna].

This production is in Italian only.

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