At the 54th Venice Biennial the show The Heard & The Unheard - Soundsacape Taiwan hosts the work of an artist who plays with the mechanisms of music production, someone who - in his own words - always wanted to be a rock star but was too shy, too normal: Yu-Hsien Su.
Gentle and not invasive at all, his work could nontheless be described closer to punk rock than anything than can be found in the rock section of any music store. With his label project Indi-Indi he creates music productions involving ordinary people which in the end - trough their own soundscape - reveal how the normal could be extraordinary.

Yu-Hsien Su, Sounds of Nothing - Drummer No.10, video still, 2011

Sounds of Nothing, the show by Yu-Hsien Su in The Heard & The Unheard - Soundsacape Taiwan, is about the lives of common people, including foreign boatmen, a scavenger and a vagrant. Invited participants make their own music and Su compiles their recordings into albums under his newly-launched label, indi-indi. These albums, with people's unpracticed and dissonant music, highlight the existence of individuals. 

This interview was recorded at the Venice Biennial. The music that comes with the interview is published by indi-indi and comes from GroupJAVA and Plastic Man.


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