Valerie Tevere & Angel Nevarez - Voices on a Playground

Manifesta 8


What We Might Have Heard in the Future is a science fiction based radio drama that investigates history in the future tense. The live broadcast performance questions the use of behavioral biometrics as authentication and validation of one’s subjectivity. Such narrow parameters bring into question structures of power as processes of inclusion and exclusion in regard to representation and the voice.

Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere performing live What we might have heard in the future, Murcia, Manifesta8, 2010.

As accompaniment to the performance broadcast, Nevarez & Tevere - multidisciplinary artists whose projects and research investigate the notion of political agency through sound, lyrics and transmission - host and transmit a series of discussions with specialists in the fields of physiology, linguistics, and voice studies, elucidating themes featured in the radio drama.

We met them in Murcia, on a playground full of kids and we talked about sound, radio art, perception, imaginary worlds and about their radio piece for Manifesta8. 

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