Manifesta7 in Trentino Alto Adige [Italy] gives room and serves as an interesting platform for experimental sound and sound art, where an entire venue – Fortezza – is devoted to sound installation and Auditory Epode, set in post industrial ruins in Rovereto, features a group of artists working with sound, taking their cue from Luigi Russolo’s L’arte dei Rumori.

Curated by Tobi Maier, Auditory Epode is also a radio broadcast - Radio Epode - and that’s what we talked about with Maier, who shared some thoughts on sound art and radio and introduced the radio pieces commissioned to Chris Watson, Florian Hecker, Mark Schreiber, Michael Eddy and Ilja Karilampi, Libia Castro and Olafur Olafsson, Ricardo Jacinto, Nico Vascellari, Tetine and Zafos Xagoraris.

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