Rossella Caruso - About Francesca Woodman


Art historian and critic Rossella Caruso has been interested in Francesca Woodman’s practice - and in particular in her creative period experienced while she lived in Rome at the end of the Seventies – since 1996, when Giuseppe Casetti – Francesca’s friend and owner of Maldoror book store – invited her to curate a retrospective devoted to the american artist.

Together with Rossella Caruso we went back to Rome, to the heavely political charged 1977 - when numerous protests and harsh political tensions where feeding each other – and starting from Rosalind Krauss’ theories and Arthur Danto’s books, she delves into a very in-depth critical reading of Francesca’s works, tracking down many references to Gordon Matta Clarks’ and Anna Mendieta’s ouvre on one side and to post-Giotto fourteenth-fifteenth century Italian painting.

The interview is in Italian.

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