RischioTutto - Massimiliano Tonelli


Massimiliano Tonelli is the director of online art magazine Artribune and for our RischioTutto challenge he decided to bet on two very different ideas: one is the innovative commercial project brought on by Galerija Skuc from Lubljana and the other one is the piece Concrete Island by Alterazioni Video.

At Artissima14 Skuc Gallery did not bring any artwork, yet it spoofed IKEA’s aesthetics and brought in boxes and catalogues only. To get to know their artists’ works you could only enter the corner and browse through their IKEA-like catalogues.

Alterazioni Video’s Concrete Island tackles questions of urban development and illegal constructions, it talks about the relationship between public and private and the administration of public goods. [Massimiliano Tonelli]

The interview is in Italian only.


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