Rainer Ganahl - Google. The politics of education


Rainer Ganahl is an Austrian born artist - a pioneer in computer based art – whose practice is very much concerned with the issues of education and knowledge circulation. His best known work, S/L Seminars/Lectures is an ongoing series of famous cultural critics and academics addressing the audience on the occasion of university classes and lectures.

Rainer Ganahl, Edward Said - Pour une re?interpre?tation des formes culturelles - L'Islam, l'Occident et l'Orientalism, Seminar-Lecture series, Paris, Collège de France, 11/28/1996.

We met in Venice, on the occasion of the opening of the 52nd Biennale and we talked about politics of education, about Google and its influences in terms of knowledge access and about languages and the dynamic of segregation and prejudice connected to the process of learning them.

Rainer Ganahl, Politics of education, Arsenale, 52nd Venezia Biennale, 2007.

The interview is both in English, German and French.



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