Pamela Lee is Associate Professor in the Department of Art & Art History at Stanford University. In 2000 MIT Press published her Object to be destroyed, one of the most comprehensive critical account on Gordon Matta Clark's work.


A book in which Pamela Lee frames his practice within the artistic turmoil of the 70s and at the light of the political and social engagement of that generation of artists. Most of them settled down in Soho, New York - an area striken by the economical crisis and diserted by industrial and trade business - occupying those building that had been abandoned. 

Gordon Matta Clark, Circus or the Caribbean Orange, 1978. 

It's from Soho and the artistic community living there - in which Gordon Matta Clark played an crucial role - that Pamela Lee begins, by introducing us to one of the most significant personalities to have emerged out of the New York art scene between the end of the Sixties and the early Seventies.

The Siena Contemporary Art Centre presents a retrospective on the works of Gordon Matta Clark, curated by Lorenzo Fusi and Marco Pierini in collaboration with the Summer of the artist.


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