Margherita Morgantin - La radice quadrata dell'assurdo


This interview is in Italian and it was recorded in 2013 at the Galleria Continua on the occasion of italian artist Margherita Morgantin’s solo show 2 – 495701.

The project presented in this exhibition is the result of work the artist has been pursuing in the last few years, in which the investigation of identity and self-representation is expressed through mathematical models:

In visualizing the infinite series of prime numbers, a methodical process of calculation and visual transcription begun in 2011, Margherita Morgantin traces the inaugural and ambivalent foundation of relations. This numerical sequence of singular numbers, whose succession is not predictable by any formula, begins in fact with two. This is the number identifying the binary system that governed the evolution of the logos in terms of the complementarity of opposites, but which can also designate the constitutive dialogic vocation that discloses the singularity of one only in the opening up to the other, in the coexistence of irreducible differences. Two not as the sum of two units, but as the “contrary of one”, to use the apt expression of Erri De Luca, which establishes in the linking of two-to-two relations the very sense of existence. [Uliana Zanetti, in Autoritratti. Iscrizione del femminile nell’arte italiana contemporanea, Corraini Edizioni, Bologna 2013]

Margherita Morgantin was born in Venice in 1971, where she graduated in Architecture at the Department of Physics at the University Institute of Architecture. His artistic work starts from the observation and description of concrete and real situations that she reinterprets through imagination. She currently lives and works in Milan.


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