Francesca Grilli - La terza conversazione


In 2005 Francesca Grilli was among short-listed artists for the Advanced Course in Visual Arts at the Ratti Foundation; after winning the International Prize of Performance at Festival Drodesera>Centrale Fies, she’s among the triennial artists in residence at Fies Factory. She lives between Turin and Amsterdam where she’s fellow artist at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten. Her work is pervaded by the themes of memory and testimony. Let’s talk about Gordon and 194.9 MHz, two works, both dealing with her own family and its legacy, generation after generation, from her grandfather to her father and to her eventually.

Francesca Grilli, Gordon, film 16 mm, 7'07”, 2007, video still.

We met her in Turin where she presented La terza conversazione, a performance in which she invites the viewers to hear and feel the sound as a deaf person does, only through vibrations. We asked her about the collaboration she established with the young deaf performer and the deaf musicians’ community she found online.

Francesca Grilli, La terza conversazione, performance, 15', 2008.

The interview is in Italian.


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